How to care for your Indygood product:

If you follow these simple care instructions your Indygood product will not only look its best but will also be at your side for many years to come.

Your product will need some TLC every now and then. For this you can use any leather conditioner, such as dubbin, found at your nearest grocery store.

It is recommended that you test on a small hidden section before applying leather conditioner on the whole bag, as it may affect the colour of the bag at first.

Application: Using a soft, dry cloth. Rub the conditioner evenly into the leather and let it dry in an airy room. Wipe off any excess conditioner after a few hours.

How to clean you Indygood product:

To remove dirt and dust from everyday use, just wipe your Indygood product down with a dry cloth.

Where dirt has left a mark, use a damp cloth and dab lightly on the spot only. Let it dry before conditioning.