Indygood was born during a backpacking trip through India in 2014, a small side-line venture to help David and Karolien van Berkel fund their dream to open up a coffee shop in Pretoria, South Africa. Grounded at Echo soon came to life and Indygood proved itself as a successful business in its own right.

After nearly 4 years of importing, finishing, and reselling leather bags from Jaipur, David and Karolien are bringing the authentic craft techniques that give Indygood bags their unique reliability and resilience to South Africa. This new venture is aimed at producing a wider range of products locally and creating sustainable and fair-paid job opportunities for South Africans. A passion for social enterprise and development is what drives David and Karolien to grow Indygood into a sustainable local business that makes a positive difference in the lives of producers and consumers alike.


Indygood currently still imports, finishes, and resells bags from Jaipur, while our local production capabilities are being established. At Indygood, we value fair working conditions and trade agreements across the board. To this end, our team visited India again in 2017 to investigate ways in which we can ensure that the product you receive has made a positive difference to everyone involved in making, transporting, and selling it to you.

Indygood ensures transparent business practices and fair markups that support our belief in products that are down-to-earth and sincere. At Indygood we don’t sell fictional benefits at exorbitant mark-ups; we sell real, reliable bags that will live up to your expectations.  We truly believe in the value of our products and we are inspired to build a business based on that belief.



Indygood products are hand made using vegetable tanned goat skins. Brought together with unique crafting techniques they form an authentic leather accessory resilient enough to face the elements and be your constant companion as you take on the challenges that life throws at you.

Indygood products are dependable and only require limited special treatment to ensure years of valiant service. Being water-resistant and naturally tough, your bag will weather and become more beautiful with every day it spends at your side.

At Indygood we go the extra mile, making sure every bag is finished and quality checked here in South Africa to ensure that your bag is the absolute best it can be.